Jaguar S-Type. Service manual - part 29


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Jaguar S-Type. Service manual - part 29




Parking Assist



Where approved Jaguar towbar electrics 
are fitted, the reverse parking assist is 
automatically switched off if a trailer is 
attached to the vehicle. The front parking 
assist will remain active.

Rear fitted accessories

Particular care must be taken when 
reversing with rear fitted accessories e.g. 
towbar or bicycle carrier, as the rear park 
assist will only indicate the distance from 
the bumper to the obstacle.








• Before opening or closing the 

sunroof check that all occupants 
are clear.

• When leaving the vehicle take the 

ignition key to prevent misuse of 
the sunroof switch by remaining 
occupants, especially children.

The sunroof switch is located in the 
overhead console. The ignition switch 
must be in position I or II for the sunroof 
to operate.

To open the sunroof
• Push the rear of the switch gently 

upwards to the first position and hold 
until the sunroof is fully open. The 
sunroof can be stopped at any open 
position by releasing the switch.

• To fully open the sunroof with 

one-touch operation, briefly push the 
rear of the switch fully upwards to the 
second position and then release. To 
stop the sunroof opening, briefly 
press the switch upwards, forwards or 

To close the sunroof
• Push the front of the switch upwards 

to the first position and hold until the 
sunroof is closed. It can be stopped at 
any position by releasing the switch.

• To close the sunroof with one-touch 

operation, briefly push the front of the 
switch upwards to the second 
position and then release. To stop the 
sunroof closing, press the switch 
upwards, forwards or rearwards.

To tilt the sunroof open
• Push the front of the switch upwards 

and hold until the required position is 
reached, or until the tilt is fully open, 
and then release the switch.

To tilt open with one-touch operation
• To tilt open with one-touch operation, 

briefly push the switch upwards to the 
second position.

To close the tilted sunroof
• Push and hold the rear of the switch 

until the sunroof is closed. Briefly 
push the rear of the switch upwards to 
the second position to tilt close with 
one-touch operation.

Sunshade operation

The sunshade can be manually opened 
and closed using the handle. 

When the sunroof is fully open the 
sunshade is also fully open, the handle is 
hidden, therefore, it cannot be manually 
closed from this position.

Note: The sunroof will need to be fully 
closed to gain access to the handle.

Wipers and Washers



Wipers and Washers


The windshield wipers and screen wash 
functions are controlled by the right-hand 
column lever switch and only operate with 
the ignition in position II.

The lever functions are as follows:

1. Windshield wipers off and parked.

2. Intermittent wipe.

3. Slow wiper operation.

4. High speed wiper operation.

5. Rotary collar.

Intermittent wipe

When intermittent wipe is selected, the 
delay between wipes can be varied. Turn 
the collar (5) to vary the delay from three 
seconds to 18 seconds.

Flick wipe

Pull the column switch towards the 
steering column for a single wipe. Holding 
the column switch in this position will 
operate the wiper continuously at slow 
speed until released.

Rain sensitive wiper control

When AUTO (turn the rotary collar (5) to 
AUTO) and intermittent wipe (2) are 
selected, the wipers will automatically 
operate when rain falls on to the 
windshield, or when moisture is present.

For the wipers to operate, the ignition 
switch must be in position II.

Note: When starting a journey with a wet 
windshield, the rain sensing wipers will 
not operate immediately when the ignition 
is turned on. Therefore, a flick wipe should 
be used to clear the windshield of any 

• Make sure that AUTO is not 

selected when entering a car wash 
as damage to the wiper blades and 
arms can occur.

• During frosty conditions make sure 

that AUTO is not selected before 
operating the ignition switch, as 
damage to the wiper blades can 
occur when the windshield is 

Wipers ON, Lights ON

Note: Some States require lights on when 
the wipers are in use.

If the windshield wipers are switched on in 
AUTO, slow or fast modes, for more than 
20 seconds, then the exterior lamps will 
be switched on if selected to autolamps 
mode. The lamps will switch off two 
minutes after the wipers are switched 
OFF, or will go off straight away if 
autolamps is de-selected, or the ignition 
is turned OFF.


Wipers and Washers



Push the button on the end of the switch 
to obtain the wash and wipe programme. 
If the wipers are selected off or 
intermittent, the washers will operate at 
slow speed during the washing action 
when the button is pressed.

When the button is released, the wipers 
will complete three further wipes.

If rain sensitive wipers are fitted and 
selected, then the wipers will operate until 
no moisture is detected.








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