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Jaguar S-Type. Service manual - part 27




Exterior Lighting


Exterior Lighting


The exterior lamps are controlled by the 
left-hand column lever switch.

The rotary collar on the lever has three 
positions for turning the exterior lamps on 
or off and positions for autolamps and exit 
delay. These are:


All exterior lamps OFF (except vehicles 
provided with daylight running lights).

Side lamps

Switches on front side lamps, tail, license 
plate and any other marker lamps 
required by local legislation. When the 
external lamps are ON the instruments 
will also be lit.


With the ignition in position II, this 
position switches on low headlamps in 
addition to the lamps switched on in side 
lamp position.

The left-hand column lever switch has 
two positions for controlling the high 

Pulling the switch towards the steering 
wheel and releasing causes the high 
beam to flash on and off. The high beam 
can be flashed at any time when the 
switch is pulled and will remain ON for as 
long as the switch is held.

The second position is to switch high 
beam headlamps ON. With the ignition in 
position II, first select low beam lamps, 
and then push the column lamp switch 
away from the steering wheel.

The blue warning lamp on the instrument 
pack and high beam headlamps will come 

To turn high beam OFF, pull the column 
switch towards the steering wheel to 
return to low beam.

Note: If low beam is switched OFF, with 
high beam still activated both low and 
high beam will be extinguished. Both low 
and high beam will illuminate if low is 
turned on again.

Exterior Lighting




A light sensor control, mounted on the 
front of the facia, monitors exterior light 
levels and automatically switches the side 
lamps and dipped headlamps ON or OFF.

The ignition switch must be in position II 
and the rotary collar set to AUTO for full 
automatic lamp operation.

When light fades towards dusk, the side 
lamps and headiamps will switch ON 

At dawn, as light increases, the side 
lamps and headlamps switch OFF 

Do not cover the sensor and keep the 
windshield clean. Obstructing the light in 
this area of the sensor may lead to 
unwanted operation of the side lamps and 

Windshield wiper detection

(This function only operates when 
autolamps (AUTO) is selected.) The side 
lamps and headlamps will switch ON 
automatically if the windshield wipers are 
switched ON for 20 seconds or more. 
Once the windshield wipers are switched 
OFF, the side lamps and headlamps will 
automatically switch OFF two minutes 

Autolamps with Exit Delay

Three settings on the rotary collar set the 
time that the headlamps will remain on 
after the key is removed from the ignition 
switch (the lines correspond to the 
following timings):
• 10 seconds.
• 30 seconds.
• 2 minutes.

Note: If the light switch rotary collar is in 
the AUTO position there will be no exit 
delay and the headlamps will turn off 
when the ignition is turned off.

Daylight running lights

(Canada only)

In certain countries it is a legal 
requirement for the lamps to be on during 
the hours of daylight.

With the rotary collar in the OFF position, 
dipped headlamps, side lamps, tail, 
number plate lamps and side marker 
lamps will switch on automatically with 
the following conditions:
• The ignition is turned to position II.
• The vehicle gear selector out of park 

(automatic transmission only).

• The parkbrake is not applied 



Exterior Lighting



The direction indicators operate when the 
ignition is in position II.

The left column lever has two positions for 
indicating left or right turn.

The first position, moving the lever up or 
down, causes the indicator to flash while 
it is held in this position. On releasing the 
lever the indicators stop flashing.

The second position is a full movement of 
the lever up or down to indicate for a right 
or left turn, which can then be released. 
The indicators will remain flashing and will 
cancel when the turn is completed.

An audible ticking and a flashing green 
arrow on the instrument pack indicates 
that the selected direction indicator is ON.

Note: Should a direction indicator bulb 
fail, the corresponding side green warning 
indicator will flash at twice the normal 
rate. The audible ticking will sound at 
twice the normal rate.


Rear fog lamps

The rear fog lamps can only be switched 
on if the low beam headlamps are on, or if 
the side lamps are switched on.

Press the switch to turn on the rear fog 
lamps. Pushing the switch again will turn 
off the rear fog lamps.


Automatic levelling of the High Intensity 
Discharge (HID) headlamps is a feature 
which avoids dazzling oncoming drivers. 
A control unit adjusts the height of the 
lamps during acceleration, deceleration 
and terrain variation.


Exterior Lighting




The instruments, switch packs, in-car 
entertainment panel and the climate 
control panel will be lit when the exterior 
lamps are switched on.

Push and release the knob to extend it for 
ease of operation.

Rotate the knob to adjust the illumination 
to the required level.

Push the knob again to place it in the 
stowed position.


Halogen headlamp units

When touring in countries where driving is 
on the other side of the road to your 
country, vehicles with halogen headlamp 
units require a converter kit which can be 
purchased from a Jaguar Dealer.

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps

When touring in countries where driving is 
on the other side of the road to your 
country, your vehicle High Intensity 
Discharge (HID) lamps may dazzle 
oncoming drivers.

A lever (1), within each HID lamp unit, is 
used for low beam adjustment for touring. 
This lever flattens the low beam to avoid 
dazzling oncoming drivers.

Open the hood and remove the top cover 
(refer to page 167) and the small round 
rubber cover (2) adjacent to the main 
headlamp rear cover.

Move the left headlamp lever (1) up and 
the right headlamp lever down to flatten 
the beams for driving on the left side of 
the road.

Refit the round cover and top cover.

Remember to place the levers back in 
their original position when you have 
returned to your country of origin.









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