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Jaguar S-Type. Service manual - part 8




Ignition Switch


Security and Locks


The facia-mounted ignition switch, on the 
right-hand side of the steering column, 
has four key positions:

When the key is turned back to the OFF 
position, the delayed accessory feature 
becomes active, so long as the driver’s 
and front passenger’s doors are shut and 
remain shut. The circuits available in the 
auxiliary position remain activated for a 
preset timed period.

Position 0: Is the only position in which 
the key can be inserted and removed. 
When the key is removed the steering 
lock is engaged.

Position I: Allows use of some electrical 
circuits, for example, radio operation.

Position II: All electrical circuits except 
the starter motor are activated. The key 
remains in this position when driving.

Position III: The starter motor is operated 
for as long as the key is held in this 
position, against spring pressure.


Apply the parkbrake, place the gear 
selector in (Park) P and turn the key to
position 0.

The automatic transmission gear selector 
must be placed in (Park) P before the key 
can be removed from the ignition switch. 
When the key is removed, the gear 
selector will be locked in Park.


A brake pedal and gearshift interlock 
system is incorporated in the automatic 
transmission gear selector mechanism. 
See page 134.


Ignition OFF




Ignition ON


Engine start

Vehicle Security



Vehicle Security


When leaving the vehicle unoccupied, 
remember the following:
• Apply the parkbrake and, with 

automatic transmission, move the 
gear selector to (Park) P.

• Do not leave children or pets in the 

vehicle unattended.

• Do not leave luggage or valuables on 

view. Always take your valuables with 
you or lock them in the luggage 

• Remove the ignition key and spare 

keys, even when the vehicle is in your 

• Close all windows and lock all doors 


• Park the vehicle where it can be seen. 

At night, park in a well-lit area.

• When leaving the vehicle unattended, 

for maximum security make sure that 
the doors are double-locked.

• Make sure that all key transmitters are 

removed from the vehicle before 
locking the doors, and that all doors, 
the luggage compartment and the 
hood are closed.

It is important to keep your keys in safe 
places at all times. Leaving them in 
conspicuous places is an invitation for a 
thief to steal them and, consequently, 
your vehicle or belongings. Keep them as 
secure as you would your wallet or purse, 
both at home and away.


This vehicle is equipped with an 
immobilisation system which prevents it 
from being driven away by an 
unauthorised person.

An electronic device is fitted in the head of 
each key, which is programmed to the 
vehicle electronics. When the key is 
placed in the ignition switch, a 
sophisticated decoding process is used 
to validate the key transponder code. The 
engine cannot be started unless the key is 
programmed to the vehicle electronic 

When turning the key in the ignition switch 
to start the engine, if the security status 
light on the center console remains 
flashing, a fault condition is indicated, and 
it is possible that the engine will not start. 
Please contact a Jaguar Dealer to 
investigate the cause of the light flashing 
even if the engine starts.


Vehicles are supplied with two key 
transmitters, which comprise the key 
body integrated with the remote 
transmitter. Separate keys, without the 
transmitter, are also available from Jaguar 

The key operates all the locks on your 
vehicle. The key number is recorded on 
an adhesive label which is fixed to the 
back of each key. Peel off the label and 
attach it to the designated area on the 
Security Card supplied in the vehicle 
literature pack. It is recommended that 
the Security Card is kept safely, not in the 

A maximum of eight keys can be used, of 
which up to four may be key transmitters. 
All the keys and transmitters used must 
be programmed to the vehicle by a Jaguar 


Vehicle Security



The security system can be controlled 
remotely by a radio frequency, 
battery-operated, integrated key 

Unlocks and disarms the vehicle. 
Pressing and holding the button 
will globally open the vehicle 

windows and sunroof.

Releases the luggage 
compartment lock.

Activates the convenience 
headlamp feature and sounds the 
panic alarm.

Locks and arms the vehicle.

Locks and unlocks the key. To 

free the key, press the release 
button. When not required, press 

and hold the button and fold the key into 
the transmitter housing.

Note: Key transmitters will not operate if a 
key is in the ignition.

Each integrated key will operate the 
ignition switch, and lock the doors and 
glove compartment.

Caution: Should a key transmitter be 
lost, a new one can be obtained and 
programmed to the vehicle by a Jaguar 
Dealer, who will ask for proof of vehicle 
ownership. It is advisable to notify a 
Jaguar Dealer as soon as a key 
transmitter is lost or stolen and have 
the remaining key transmitter(s) 
reprogrammed. This will then prevent 
the lost or stolen key transmitter from 
being used to disarm and unlock the 

Note: Jaguar Dealers keep a log of all 
enquiries for replacement keys and notify 
Jaguar Cars Limited of any such requests.

Care of key transmitters

The key transmitters must be treated with 
care and not exposed to extremes of 
heat, dust, humidity or be in contact with 
fluids. Do not leave the transmitter 
exposed to direct sunlight.

The battery is the only serviceable part.

Vehicle Security




When the battery needs renewal there will 
be a significant decrease in the effective 
range of the key transmitter. To renew the 
battery, follow the procedure below:
• Insert a small, flat-blade, screwdriver 

at an angle of about 45 degrees, into 
the slot on the back of the key 
transmitter as shown (1). Apply light 
pressure to the screwdriver and lever 
the screwdriver forward to separate 
the two halves of the key transmitter. 
Pull the transmitter from the key body.

• Insert the screwdriver into the slot 

between the transmitter covers 
adjacent to the key stowage area as 
shown (2). Apply light pressure to the 
screwdriver and lever the screwdriver 
downward to separate the covers.

• Unscrew and remove the small screw 

(3) and remove the printed circuit 
board, taking care not to touch the 
battery terminals. Remove the battery 
and dispose of it safely.

• Fit a new battery cell, type CR2032 

(available from your Jaguar Dealer), 
with the side marked with the positive 
symbol (+) downwards in the battery 
receptacle. Avoid touching the new 
battery as moisture or oil from the 
fingers can reduce the life of the 
battery and corrode the contacts.

• Replace the printed circuit board 

making sure to engage the board 
under the securing tabs (4), and 
secure with the screw.

• Refit the cover and click into place 

with thumb pressure.

• Slide the transmitter back onto the 

key body until it clicks into place.








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