Jaguar S-Type. Service manual - part 6


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Jaguar S-Type. Service manual - part 6




Quick Overview


Mobile phone compatibility

There are a number of mobile phones that 
have been tested to function correctly 
with the Jaguar system, however, not all 
mobile phones are compatible. For the 
latest list of compatible phones and 
software versions, please refer to 
Alternatively consult your Jaguar Dealer. 

Downloading phone book entries

1. Turn the ignition switch to position II

and make sure that the handset is 
paired to the vehicle’s system. 

2. Press the telephone button on the 

audio panel.

3. Either using the on-screen keypad or 

the audio panel keyboard, press 

4.  Touch the on-screen call icon or 

press the call button on the audio 

5. Switch off the ignition switch for six 

minutes to allow the system to 
complete the download process. 

Making a call

1. Press and hold the SELECT switch on 

the steering wheel control, or press 
the call button on the audio panel. 
Phone will be displayed. 

2. Key in the phone number required on 

the touch-screen or audio panel 

3. Press the call button on the steering 

wheel control, or on the audio panel. 
Calling will be displayed.

4. To end the call, press the call button 

on the steering wheel control, or on 
the audio panel. 

Receiving a call 

To answer or end a call, press the call 
button on the steering wheel control or on 
the audio panel.


General Information



Owner Information




• California Proposition 65:

Engine exhaust, some of its 
constituents and certain vehicle 
components, contain or emit 
chemicals known to the State of 
California to cause cancer and birth 
defects or other reproductive harm. 
In addition, certain fluids contained 
in vehicles and certain products of 
component wear contain or emit 
chemicals known to the State of 
California to cause cancer and birth 
defects or other reproductive harm.

• Certain components of this vehicle 

such as air bag modules and seat 
belt pretensioners may contain 
Perchlorate Material. Special 
handling may apply for service or 
vehicle end of life disposal. See


Take particular note of WARNINGS, 
Cautions and Notes given throughout this 



A warning is a procedure ,which must 
be followed precisely, to help avoid the 
risk of personal injury.

Caution: A caution is a procedure 
which must be followed precisely, to 
reduce the possibility of damage to the 

Note: A note is a procedure which will 
help avoid difficulties in the operation of 
the vehicle.

Warning Symbols on the vehicle

On encountering the warning triangle or 
open book symbol on the vehicle, it is 
important that, before touching this part 
of the vehicle or attempting adjustments 
of any kind, you consult the relevant 
section of this handbook.

Caution: Do not remove any warning 
labels from the underhood area or 
inside the vehicle.


Jaguar Dealers are chosen with care. 
Each is dedicated to providing a Sales, 
Service and Spare Parts facility of the 
highest standard.

Jaguar Dealers are provided with full 
technical support from the factory, with 
comprehensive training for all their 
technicians. Dealers’ workshops operate 
to a high standard and have all the 
necessary tools and equipment essential 
to maintain or repair Jaguar vehicles.


General Information


Genuine Jaguar parts and accessories

Your Jaguar Dealer can supply you with 
genuine replacement parts and 
accessories which are fully approved to 
Jaguar’s original equipment specification. 
This will ensure that the safety and 
performance of your vehicle is maintained 
for your complete peace of mind.

Please note that fitment of non-genuine 
parts may invalidate the vehicle warranty 
if a subsequent fault occurs due to fitting 
sub-standard replacement parts or 

Jaguar parts distribution service

Jaguar Dealers stock a large number of 
parts to keep your vehicle maintained and 
get you back on the road as quickly as 

Their service is supported by strategically 
positioned Jaguar parts distribution 
centers throughout North America 
providing next day delivery to the majority 
of Jaguar Dealers.


A full range of Jaguar Engineering 
approved accessories, including: safety, 
stowage, touring, leisure and lifestyle 
products are just some of those available 
from your Jaguar Dealership.

Please ask your Jaguar Dealer for an 
up-to-date brochure so you can select 
your requirements from the latest range.


Remember to pass on the Vehicle 
Handbooks when reselling the vehicle. 
Handbooks are integral parts of the 


Each vehicle is given a full Pre-Delivery 
Inspection to ensure that all systems 
function correctly and that the vehicle 
meets its specification.

Owners are responsible for the regular 
maintenance and servicing of the vehicle. 
Jaguar Dealers will be pleased to arrange 
periodic servicing and can provide you 
with details of tasks carried out at each 
service interval.

Failure to implement maintenance at the 
recommended intervals could result in 
deterioration of vehicle performance and 
possible infringement of regulations.

Regular routine maintenance not only 
helps to prevent unnecessary 
breakdowns and inconvenience, but 
enhances the trade-in or resale value of 
the vehicle.

USA and Canada

The owner should contact their Jaguar 
Dealer to arrange appointments on a 
mileage and distance or time interval 
basis to make sure that all routine and 
corrective maintenance work is 
undertaken and recorded in the Passport 
to Service. This booklet not only contains 
a record of vital information, but also 
information about warranties, 
Jaguar Cars Limited, Jaguar Car Clubs, 
Tire Manufacturers and change of 
ownership or address vouchers.

General Information




Many of the vehicle systems are 
controlled by complex electronic devices. 
Specialist equipment is required to trace 
and rectify faults in the systems and to 
make sure that only faulty components 
are repaired or renewed.

Caution: Severe damage to the 
electrical system and electronic 
components can occur if any attempt 
is made to diagnose faults in the 
electrical system using conventional 
diagnostic equipment, (for example: 
the use of test lamps or low impedance 
voltmeters). The fitting of any electrical 
accessory should only be entrusted to 
a Jaguar Dealer.


Details of the vehicle warranty are 
contained within the Passport to Service 
for USA and Canada or, for Mexico, the 
Warranty Benefits booklet.

USA and Canada

The Passport to Service contains 
warranties applicable to the vehicle, 
which include:
• The Limited Vehicle Warranty.
• The Emission Control System 

Warranty and covered parts list.

• The Corrosion Warranty.

Tires are not warranted by Jaguar Cars 
Limited, but by the specific manufacturer 
of the tires on the vehicle. Details of tire 
warranties are included in the vehicle 
literature pack.


The Warranty Benefits booklet contains 
warranties applicable to the vehicle, 
which include:
• The Limited Vehicle Warranty.
• The Emission Control System 

Warranty and covered parts list.

• The Corrosion Warranty.


Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

It is essential that the Vehicle 
Identification Number (VIN) is quoted in all 
correspondence and when ordering 
replacement parts.

The number is visible from outside the 
vehicle, on a plate in the lower left edge of 
the windshield.

Certification Label

Vehicles have the Certification Label 
adhered to the left-hand front door hinge 
post. Vehicle weights, paint code, 
manufacture date and the VIN are shown 
on this plate.

Engine number

V6: The number is located on the lower 
left-hand side of the cylinder block near 
the bedplate.

V8: The number is located on the rear 
left-hand side of the cylinder block, either 
adjacent to the transmission flange, or on 
the left-hand side web towards the rear of 
the cylinder block.

Transmission number

On a metal label or bar code label 
attached to the transmission casing.








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