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Great Wall V200. Instruction - part 10



b. Check the damage of external diameter and central support diameter of C3 cylinder sleeve. Coat the sealing ring with the

automatic transmission fluid and install it on the C3 cylinder groove.

c. Check the condition of reverse central gear spline, notch and thrust surface; coat the O-ring with transmission liquid and install

it in the reverse sun gear groove. Use the Vaseline to lubricate the C3 washer and install it in the reverse sun gear.

d. Install the reverse central gear in the C3 cylinder; ensure the O-ring is compressed properly but not excess.


The O-ring notch can not be bent.

e. Coat the C3 piston O-ring with the transmission liquid and install the small O-ring on the C3 piston inner ring; install the large

O-ring on the C3 piston external ring.

f. Check the piston drainage hole for cleanness and block material.


Must not remove the O-ring without permission.

g. Install the C3 piston on the cylinder until the external diameter of piston enters into the inner diameter of cylinder.

h. Install the spring and spring retainer on the piston. Use the tools to press down the spring to install the ring spring better.

Ensure the ring spring is installed in the groove fixedly, then remove the tools.


Install the C3 wave plate on the C3 piston surface; ensure the a hole on wave disc of C3 piston surface is not in line with the

piston hole.


Install the clutch disk and other disc in the following sequence:

steel disc

friction disk

steel disc  (optional)

friction disk

steel disc  (optional)

friction disk

k. Adjust and install the pressure disc; make its counterbore is opposite with the clutch disk.

l. Install the ring spring.


For the clutch assembly can endure the weight of 19.6N. so the clearance between the screw and top of preset disc should

be 1.20-1.45mm.

m. Use the tools to check the clearance of clutch C3, refer to Figure 8.29. The method is as follows (only use the weights):

 Place the weights on the pressure disc and measure the distance between the bottom of cylinder and top of pressure disc.

 Record the data.

 Remove the weights.

 Lift the weights plate and press down the ring spring; measure the distance between the bottom of cylinder and top of

pressure disc

 Record the data.

The clutch assembly clearance can be acquired by 1


 record minus 2nd record.

Figure 8.28  clutch C3  and reverse central gear


Figure 8.30  Forward-Gear central gear and C3clutch assembly


It should take out the clutch assembly clearance before immerse the assembly into the transmission liquid.

n. It should remove the clutch and immerse the assembly into the transmission liquid for 5 miniatures at least before the


11. front sun gear and clutch C3  assembly

The installation procedure of front sun gear and clutch C3  assembly  (Refer to Figure 8.30) is shown as follows:

a. Install the N0.7 needle thrust bearing on the front sun gear ensure the thrust washer is between the bearing and central gear.

b. Use the Vaseline to lubricate the thrust plate and install it on the reverse sun gear. Refer to Figure 8.32.

c. Adjust and install the clutch C3 assembly on the front sun gear.

d. Use the Vaseline to lubricate the NO.6 needle thrust bearing and install it on the thrust disc. Ensure the wire connecting

plate on the bearing external diameter is proper for the hole on the thrust bearing. Refer to Figure 8.33.

e. Adjust and use the Vaseline to install the plastic thrust washer on the thrust disc.

f. Install the assembly on the reverse sun gear in the position opposite to the NO.6 thrust bearing.

g. Install the assembly on the other side.


12. Clutch C1 overspeed shaft and input shaft assembly


     a. Ensure the correct installation of snap ring.

     b. Check the piston for crack.

     c. Must not mix the clutch piston out and back spring.

     d.  If the connector of clutch C1/ C2 is disconnected form the clutch C3, ensure the NO.6 bearing can not slide down

          from the bearing retainer.

The installation procedure of clutch C1 overspeed shaft and input shaft assembly is as follows:

a. Check the overspeed shaft groove for damage.

b. Coat the big and small sealing ring with the Vaseline and install it on the overspeed shaft. It can use few Vaseline to fix the

sealing ring on its correct position.

c. Install the clutch disk and other disc on the cylinder according to the following sequence:


steel plate

abrasion plate

steel plate

abrasion plate

steel plate

steel plate

steel plate  (optional)

friction disk

steel plate  (optional)

friction disk


The clutch assembly can support the weight of 19.6N; the distance form the fixing point of input shaft to the friction disk
is 0.70



It should take out the clutch assembly before immerse the assembly in the transmission fluid.

     d. Use the tools to check the clutch assembly clearance. Refer to Figure 8.31. Use the proper selected disc plate to acquire the

correct required clearance.

Figure 8.31 clutch C1 assembly clearance

clutch C1

19.6N load

input shaft position

clutch clearance0.7-0.9mm0.7-0.9mm


e. If need to install the new friction disk, please remove the clutch assembly and immerse the friction assembly into the

transmission fluid for 5 minutes at least before the installation.

f. Check whether the clutch C1 wheel axle is matched with the overspeed shaft. It should replace the wheel axle and wheel axle

assembly if loose.

g. Coat the small nylon thrust insulation plate with the Vaseline and installs it on the overspeed shaft. Refer to Figure 8.19.

h. It should be carefully when install the overspeed shaft on the C1 cylinder to avoid the damage of sealing ring.


Use the Vaseline to install the small copper C1 wheel axle thrust washer, shown as Figure 8.19.


Check the input shaft for problem. Install the input shaft on the cylinder and use the ring spring to install the wire safety of

input shaft and cylinder. Ensure the coil is in groove completely.

k. Use the petroleum jelly to install the gasket and place it on the input shaft.


Assemble the C1/C2/C4 clutch, clutch C3 and sun gear,  shown as figure 8.24, 8.32

m.  Install the assembly in the transmission case.

Figure 8.32  and 8.33 assembly number:   6  bearing and  pressure disc to clutch C3  assembly

13. Pump housing and torque support


a.   Do not clean the solenoid valve by solvent.

b.   Ensure the O-ring is installed in the correct position.

c.   Do not blow off the first drop and mix it with the ball spring blowed off by the torque converter. ( only for the condition of
      installing the transmission to STD pump housing)

d.   Do not damage the line bearing on the assembly; avoid any impact for bearing during the loading.

e.   Check the end floating of transmission; it is help for the lose and incorrect assembly of any assembly.

Caution:   Figure 8.35 The orientation of crossing part is shown in Figure 8.36 to 8.42.

The assembly procedure of pump housing and torque converter is as follows:

a. Check the pump for damage, chip and abnormity; check whether the sleeve of drive gear is fixed.

b. Wash the pump and pump gear carefully; remove all redundant oil and dirt.

c. Install the pump gear and pump. Use the micrometer to measure the depth from the surface of pump to gear surface. The

measured value is the side clearance of pump. The side clearance should be in the range of 0.020-0.040mm.

d. Remove the pump gear from the pump.

e.   If had been removed, please replace the pump sealing. Ensure the cleanness of pump sealing.

f. Use the transmission liquid to lubricate the pump gear, pump, washer and sealing and install the pump gear on the pump.


Figure 8.34   pump, cover and torque converter support

g. Use the automatic transmission liquid to lubricate the pump O-ring and

install it on the pump. Place the pump on the other side.

h.   Ensure the pump housing cavity and hole are not blocked.

Figure 8.35  Assembly of pump cover


Use the automatic transmission liquid to lubricate all loose part before

the installation.

g. Install the primary regulating valve on the pump housing, ensure the

valve slide freely; then install the plug of regulating valve and O-ring.

Refer to Figure 8.36.

k. Install the fixed bolt, install the torque conversion clutch regulating valve,

plug and O-ring. Refer to Figure 8.37


Install the fixed bolt. Refer to Figure 8.39

m. Install the torque conversion clutch control valve, spring and O-ring.

Refer to Figure 8.38

pump cover assembly

pump housing cover

oil seal

pump assembly

o-ring  (pump )

n. Install the fixed bolt, shown as Figure 8.39

o. Install the torque converter detection ball spool and spring, shown as Figure 8.41

p.   Install the washer on the pump body. Install the housing disc and solenoid wire maintaining cover on the pump housing; ensure

the edge of disc close to the pump housing.

Shown as Figure 8.34, Tighten the bolt according to the sequence of (1-5), shown as Figure 8.42.


Check the smooth of wire and connector. To ensure whether the wire and connector have  connection and abrasion on the

input shaft or clutch C1/ C2 cylinder; check the wire and connector for over extension.

q. Tighten the screw of solenoid valve 7.Refer to Figure 8.39

 r.    Install the pump on the pump housing, tighten all bolts; ensure the pump can be washed without pump housing. Tighten

          the bolt in certain sequence; shown as figure 8.42.


Figure 8.36   Primary regulating valve

Figure 8.37  Torque converter clutch regulating valve

s. Install the pump on the washer of transfer case of housing.

t. Make the O-ring is proper for the external diameter of pump.

u.  Ensure the pump housing hole in main housing is clean and without dirt.

v. Ensure the plastic connector of solenoid valve 7 is installed on the correct position of main housing.

w. Install the pump and pump housing on the input shaft carefully and avoid the damage of gasket spring. Tighten the pump

housing spring. Refer to Figure 8.43   Figure 8.44.

x.   Check whether the transmission end float is fixed in the clearance of part 9.2. Refer to   It the end float without filling metal plate

is more than that in instruction, then the metal plate should be placed in surface of NO.4 bolt and input shaft bolt. Refer to

Figure 8.19. if the end float is less than 0.5mm or more than 0.8mm; then the transmission can not be installed correctly and

is beyond the specification partly.

Check the end floating by executing the following procedure:

Connect the disc indicator to the front end of the transmission; place the pointer on the end of input shaft.

Apply about 250N or 25kg force on the input shaft.

Zero the indicating pointer.

Install a small lever on rear of the front clutch cylinder.

The recorded measuring value is the end floating value or called as the clearance of No.4 bearing on torque converter

tube support.

After the completion of the process, adjust the front and rear brake belt according to the specification of details in part 8.4.


Figure 8.39  Valve fixing plug and pin

Figure 8.40  Torque converter release ball and spring


Figure 8.41  Position of test ball

Figure 8.42  Tighten the pump bolt in the sequence shown in figure

Figure 8.43  Connect the pump to the housing in the sequence shown in figure


14.   Valve


a. Must not clean the solenoid valve pipe port by solvent.

b. Pay attention to the position of ball on upper of valve.

c. Pay attention to the position of 1-2 Gear and 3-4 Gear gear shift valve which may be exchanged.

d. Check the 4-3 Gear sequence valve and spring for position.

e. Check the 12mm ball on the lower of valve.

f. It should ensure install the correct pump housing  (HPPC). Please must not mix the 1


-Gearlow position ball spool

with the torque converter ball spool .

g. Check the rag of line pressure relief valve and pay attention to replace the iron shim.

h. The hole on the valve is used for fixation and safety and could not be extended.

i. When repair the transmission, it should ensure the solenoid 5 damp coil spring is not broken.

The installation procedure of valve is shown as follows:

a. Use the cleaning solvent (refer to 8.45, 8.46) to wash the upper and lower valve completely and dry it by air; check the valve

cavity, port and hole for damage or block.

b.   Install the cushioning baffle positioning bolt and clean all loose parts completely.

c. Check all valves for smooth sliding on its position.

d. Install the proper pump housing, spring and ball. Check the valve and rolling bolt.

e. Install the 1-2 Gear gear shift valve, plug and fixed bolt. Refer to Figure 8.48. Install the 3-4 Gear gear shift valve and fixed bolt.

Refer to Figure 8.49.

Install the 2-3 Gear gear shift valve and fixed bolt. Refer to Figure 8.50. Install the 4-3 sequence valve, spring, plug and fixed

Refer to Figure 8.51.

f. Install the brake belt action regulating valve (BAR) spring, piston and fixed bolt. Refer to Figure 8-52

g. Install the force and action regulation valve (CAR)spring, piston and fixed bolt. Refer to Figure 8-53

 Caution:  The aluminum valve is damaged easily.

h.   Install the solenoid pressure-supply valve, spring and fixed disc. Refer to Figure 8.54.

      i.    Install the solenoid valve 6 bolt , spring and fixed bolt.


Figure 8.45 Lower valve

Figure 8.46 Position of upper valve and detection ball

Figure 8.47 solenoid valve 5 and damper


Figure 8.48  1

2gear shift valve

Figure 8.49  3

4 gear shift valve

Figure 8.50   solenoid 2 and 2

3gear shift valve

Figure 8.51  4

3sequence valve

Figure 8.52  brake belt combination regulating valve and solenoid 4


Figure 8.53   clutch combination regulating valve and solenoid 3

Figure 8.54   solenoid combination valve and solenoid 6

Figure 8.55   reverse lock valve


Position the 3


 feed ball (large nylon ) on the valve and solenoid supply valve filter, shown as Figure 8.54.

k. Check the separating disk for abrasion, repair or replace if necessary.


Check the washer of upper and lower valve for damage, replace it if necessary

m. Install the upper shim of lower position valve.

n. Install the reverse lock valve, spring and fixed disc; ensure the correct installation of valve; shown as Figure 8.55.

o. Install 5 nylon balls on the upper valve, shown as Figure 8.46. Install the upper valve shim; install the separating disk on the

upper valve.

p. Lift the separating disk to the upper valve; prevent the detection ball from falling ; install the upper valve on the low pressure

valve. Tighten all screws. Refer to Figure 8.56.


Figure 8.56  The tighten sequence of valve bolt from upper to lower

q.    Install the solenoid valve 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6. Ensure the solenoid valve is clamped by the clip tightly and the bolt is tightened to

the specified torque.


The wire harness ground wire port is protected by the solenoid valve fixing plate

r. Install the solenoid valve 5. Ensure the solenoid valve close to valve through the clip.

s. When install the valve with line pressure relief valve, it should install the tapering port of line pressure relief valve, then install

and fix the spring and disc.

t. Install the pin spring; ensure the screw is tightened to the specified torque. Check the damaged spring.

u. Install the instruction gear shift valve .Refer to Figure 8.57.

Figure 8.57  Instruction gear shift valve

v. It should ensure the position lever is in the position of instruction 1


-Gear before install the valve on the transmission.

     w.   Adjust the valve on the transfer case and install the connection of instruction-operated valve steering column and instruction-operated

 valve. Make the long end of connecting object is proper for the 1


 instruction-operated valve. Install the protecting spring and

 tighten it according to the specification. Refer to Figure 8.58.

x. Check the positioning drum and instruction-operated valve .


All hardware must be installed and meet the specification.

y. Connect the wire of connecting solenoid according to the following details:

Solenoid valve 1 


  Solenoid valve 2 


  Solenoid valve 3 


  Solenoid valve 4 


  Solenoid valve 5 


  Solenoid valve 6


  Refer to Figure 8.58.


Figure 8.58  Tighten sequence of bolt form valve to box

15. Installation of oil filter and oil bottom shell



It should replace the filter when a important mechanical component is damaged and assemble a transmission.


To assist the assembly of sealing gasket groove, please coat the surface of oil pan and washer with thin Vaseline to

ensure the sealing gasket is in the groove. Do not rotate the washer, otherwise it will cause the distort or incline of



Figure 8.59  Bushing of engine oil filter

Figure 8.60  Installation of engine oil filter

Figure 8.61  Tightening sequence of oil pan bolt

It should abide by follows when assemble the oil filter and oil sump tank (Refer to Figure 8.59and Figure 8.60):

a. Use the automatic transmission liquid to lubricate the spring ring of gasket of lubrication oil.

b. Install the oil filter on the valve carefully. During the installation, the socket must be inclined. Refer to Figure 8.59.

c. Fix the oil cleaner assembly.

d.   Check whether the magnet is installed in the recess on the corner of oil bottom shell.

 e.   Assemble the groove on the oil bottom shell. The groove must be bent during the installation.


f. Make the installation of oil bottom shell is proper for transfer case and the tighten the safety valve according to the

specification and sequence (Refer to Figure 8.61). do not distort it.

16.Torque converter and support sleeve assembly

Install the hydraulic torque converter and housing assembly, the procedure is shown as follows:

a.   Install the hydraulic torque converter housing on the main case.


All hardware should be installed correctly and comply with the specification.

b. Use the Loctite243 or equivalent to fix the torque converter housing; install and tighten it to standard specification.

     c.   Install the torque converter; ensure the pump gear sealing is installed correctly.

17. Rear wheel drive mode of output ring flange assembly

Assemble the output shaft assembly, the procedure is shown as follows:

a.    Place the paw of transmission operating rod on the parking position and lock the output shaft.

b.  Wash the output shaft upper line; use the loctite243 or equivalent.

c.  Install and tighten the ring flange, O-ring and nut.

Caution: In the heavy steel slide plate, place the ring flange on the upper nut; avoid the damage of bearing.

 d.   Tighten the nut on the output shaft

T o r q u e   t y p e  

s p e c i f ic a t io n  

  N .m  

F t / lb  

t r a n s m i s s io n   a s s e m b ly  





t o r q u e   c o n v e r te r   h o u s i n g   to  

h o u s in g  

M 1 2 × 3 2  

4 ,  8 o r   9  

5 4 -6 8  

4 0 -5 0  

r e a r   e n d   h o u s i n g   to   h o u s in g  

- C h a ir m a n  

M 1 2 × 3 2  


5 4 -6 8  

4 0 -5 0  

C o n n e c to r   h o u s in g   to   h o u s in g  

- 4 W D  

M 8 × 2 5  

1 0  

3 5 -4 0  

2 6 -3 0  

r e a r   e n d   h o u s i n g   to   h o u s in g  

- 2 W D  

M 8 × 2 5  

1 0   3 5 -4 0  

2 6 -3 0  

r e a r   s e r v o   c o v e r   to   h o u s in g  

M 8 × 2 5  

6   3 0 -3 5  

2 2 -2 6  

O i l  p a n   to   h o u s in g  

M 6 × 1 6  

9   4 - 6  

3 - 4 .5  

O i l  c o o le r   p i p e   c o n n e c t io n  


2   4 0 -4 5  

2 9 .5 - 3 3  

V a lv e   t o   h o u s in g  

M 6 × 2 6  

7   8 - 1 3  

6 - 9 .5  

V a lv e   t o   h o u s in g  

M 6 × 4 5  

5   8 - 1 3  

6 - 9 .5  

B r a k e   b a r   s p r i n g  

M 8 × 1 6  

1   2 0 -2 2  

1 5 -1 6  

c e n t r a l  s u p p o r t   to   h o u s i n g  

M 1 0 × 3 4  

2   2 0 -2 7  

1 5 -2 0  

C a m   d i s c   to   h o u s in g  

M 8 × 1 6  

2   1 6 -2 2  

1 2 -1 6  

G e a r - p o s i tio n   s e n s o r   to  

h o u s in g  

1 0 -2 4 × 1 3  

2   4 - 6  

3 - 4 .5  

O u tp u t   s h a f t   lo c k   n u t  

M 2 4 × 1 .5  

1   1 0 0 -1 1 0  

7 4 -8 1 .5  

o i l  f i lli n g   p lu g  

M 2 0  

1   3 0 -3 5  

2 2 -2 6  

P u m p   h o u s i n g   a s s e m b ly  





P u m p   to   p u m p   c o v e r  

M 8 × 5 5  

5   2 4 -2 7  

1 8 -2 0  

P u m p   c o v e r   to   h o u s in g  

M 8 × 4 0  

6   2 4 -3 4  

1 8 -2 5  

P u m p   c o v e r   to   h o u s in g  

M 8 × 5 8  

2   2 4 -3 4  

1 8 -2 5  

P u m p   c o v e r   d i s c   to   p u m p  

c o v e r  

M 6 × 1 6  

5   1 3 -1 6  

9 .5 -1 2  

P u m p   c o v e r   d i s c   to   c r e s c e n t  

M 6 × 5 4  

1   1 3 -1 6  

9 .5 -1 2  

V a lv e   a s s e m b ly  





U p p e r  v a lv e  to  lo w e r  v a lv e  

M 6 × 3 0  

2 4 o r   2 5  

1 1 -1 6  

8 - 1 2  

L i n e   s o c k e t  

M 6  

1   4 - 7  

3 - 5  

s o le n o id  v a lv e     ( o n /o f f  t y p e  

a n d   V P S ,  in c lu d i n g   S 7 )  

M 6 × 1 6  

7   8 - 1 2  

6 - 9  

Table 8.1 Torque specification









Content      ..     8      9      10      11     ..