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Jaguar S-Type. Service manual - part 47






Connect the positive (+) lead, tighten the 
pinch bolt and clip the positive terminal 
cover on the battery. Connect the 
negative (–) lead and tighten the pinch 

After the battery has been reconnected 
and the ignition switch is turned to 
position II, the message center display, if 
fitted, will initially show an erroneous 
reading i.e. – – – – – –. This will remain until 
after the bulb check sequence, when the 
correct recorded odometer reading will be 
displayed. This is a normal function of the 
instrument pack.

After battery reconnection

After reconnecting the battery:
• Reset the electric parkbrake; see 

page 128.

• Reset the electrically operated 

windows anti-trap function; see
page 83.

• The trip computer will lose all 

recorded trip data, and all trip 
functions will be reset to zero. The 
vehicle total odometer reading is 

• The radio will not operate until the 

correct security code has been 
re-entered. Refer to the audio 
systems handbook or touch-screen 
display handbook.

• If the battery is disconnected for more 

than 72 hours, the radio preset 
channels will need to be reset.

• Reset the clock to the correct time.
• Recalibrate the seat memory 

positions; see page 75.

The engine electronic control system 
automatically adapts to certain 
characteristics of the vehicle. When the 
battery is disconnected, these 
adaptations are lost.

On reconnection, therefore, some slightly 
abnormal drive symptoms may occur and 
the vehicle may need to be driven 
10 miles (16 kilometres) or more while the 
control system re-adapts.


To prevent damage to the generator, do 
not run the engine while the battery or any 
of the charging circuit cables are 

The generator has polarity-sensitive 
components that may be irreparably 
damaged if subjected to incorrect 
polarity. Make sure that the battery 
ground lead is always connected to the 
battery negative terminal.


Wiper Blades


Wiper Blades


Use Jaguar Screen Clean Paste to 
remove contamination from the 
windshield. This ensures effective wiping 
and eliminates smearing or juddering 
from the wiper blades. A more aggressive 
cleaning agent may be required to remove 
stubborn contamination. Contact a 
Jaguar Dealer for advice.

To make sure that the windshield remains 
smear free, the washer system should be 
operated whenever the wiper is used, 
even when it is raining.

Windshield wiper blades – inspect and 

Lift the wiper blades clear of the 
windshield and wipe the blades with a 
clean, soft cloth, moistened with water to 
which a mild liquid detergent has been 

Windshield washers

The windshield washer jets are mounted 
on the wiper arms.

Note: The windshield wiper jets and 
headlamp washer jets are not adjustable.

Vehicle Care



Vehicle Care



Many liquids and other substances 
used in vehicles are poisonous and 
should never be consumed. They must 
be kept away from open wounds. 
These substances include anti-freeze, 
brake fluid, fuel, windshield washer 
additives, lubricants and various 


Brush and clean the interior regularly. Use 
a vacuum cleaner, where possible, to 
remove all dust from the interior and trim.

Valet kit

A valet kit containing a selection of Car 
Care products is available from the 
Jaguar accessory range.


Marks or stains can be removed by gently 
scrubbing with a weak solution of soap 
and warm water.

For more stubborn stains, a commercially 
available carpet cleaner should be used. 
See your Jaguar Dealer for advice.


Remove dust in the headlining with a 
vacuum cleaner. To remove stains, dab 
gently without pressing, using a lint-free 
white cloth moistened with Jaguar 
Upholstery Cleaner.

Do not use methylated spirit or solvents, 
as this may cause damage or 
discoloration to the headlining.

Leather upholstery

Refer to page 33 for detailed information 
on leather upholstery care.

Cloth upholstery

Weekly light vacuuming can extend the 
life of the fabric.

Using Jaguar Upholstery Cleaner and 
following the instructions will preserve 
and enhance cloth upholstery. Test the 
upholstery cleaner solution on an unseen 
part of the seat. Do not over-wet.

• Never use soap, ammonia, bleach 

or other cleaners intended for use 
on hard surfaces.

• Do not use upholstery cleaner on 

electrical equipment, such as facia 

• When cleaning around electrical 

equipment such as switches, make 
sure that fluids do not leak into any 
gaps around the components, or 
between panels or trim.

Removing stains

Most stains on woollen fabric can be 
removed if treatment is carried out 
immediately, before the stain has a 
chance to dry-in.

Keep the necessary cleaning materials in 
a convenient place.

Most stains can be treated with one of 
three cleaning fluids: Jaguar Upholstery 
Cleaner, dry cleaning fluid or clean water.

Mop up excess liquid with absorbent 
tissue (preferably white) or an absorbent 
cloth; scoop up dry solids. Work inwards 
from the edge of the stain to prevent 
spreading. Use small amounts of cleaning 
liquid, blotting between applications.

Work slowly and thoroughly, using light 
pressure. If the stain cannot be removed, 
contact a reputable dry cleaners.


Vehicle Care


Note: All the cleaning materials 
mentioned in this section are available 
from the Jaguar Accessory Range.



Dry cleaning fluids may be toxic or 
flammable. Take adequate precautions 
when handling these products.



For best results, do not wash the vehicle 
under strong sunlight. Always allow the 
vehicle to cool down before washing.

Do not use a dry cloth to wipe dirty 
paintwork. Dust and gritty substances are 
abrasive and will scratch the paintwork. 
Remove dirt using a cellulose sponge and 
plenty of warm (never hot) water. Rinse off 
with clean water and dry using a clean, 
damp chamois leather.

Do not use household soaps or 
detergents. The use of Jaguar Vehicle 
Shampoo is recommended.

Do not direct hoses at full force around 
door and luggage compartment seals. 
Using high pressure water jets on the 
paintwork is not recommended.

Do not allow bird droppings or tree sap to 
harden. Remove from paintwork 
immediately with a lukewarm soap and 
water solution.

In winter, when salt is used on the roads, 
wash the vehicle frequently, and 
immediately after encountering such 
conditions. Clean undersides and wheel 
arches using a high pressure jet.

Automatic car wash

Note: Regular use of automatic car 
washes tends to dull the lustre of the 

After leaving the car wash, switch on the 
windshield wiper immediately to remove 
water and prevent a build up of wax. 
Jaguar Screen Clean Paste can be used 
to clean any residual wax from the glass.

Removing grease or tar

Remove grease or tar with Jaguar Tar 
Remover or methylated spirit (alcohol). 
White spirit is also effective, but must not 
be applied to rubber, particularly the 
windshield wiper blades.

Glass surfaces

To avoid scratching glass surfaces, do 
not clean dirty glass with dry paper or 
cloth. Use clean, warm water and a 
chamois leather which is reserved for 
glass only.

The following products will ensure glass 
surfaces and windshield wipers are kept 
in good condition:

Jaguar Screen Clean Paste – Apply only 
to the exterior of the windshield, to ensure 
effective operation of the windshield 

Jaguar Glass Cleaner – Interior and 
exterior; of all other glass surfaces.

Jaguar Screen Wash – Washer reservoir 

Jaguar Winter Care Kit comprising 
de-icer, ice scraper, anti-mist wipe cloth 
and aerial cleaner – for use in adverse 
weather conditions.








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