Jaguar S-Type. Service manual - part 22


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Jaguar S-Type. Service manual - part 22




Warning Indicators


Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) 

Warning indicator for USA only.

Warning indicator for Canada 
and Mexico only.

If a fault has been detected in the 
Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) or the 
parkbrake, this warning indicator will 
illuminate. A message will be displayed in 
the message center to indicate which 
system is at fault.

If the message ABS FAULT is displayed, 
the brake system will continue to function 
normally, but without ABS braking.

The message PARKBRAKE FAULT will 
be displayed if there is a fault with the 
parkbrake. If the red brake warning 
indicator also flashes, the parkbrake 
cannot be applied.

Should the indicator come on or stay on 
after the bulb check cycle, stop the 
vehicle at the first opportunity, turn the 
engine OFF and then restart.

If the ABS indicator comes on again at the 
next driving event, the vehicle should be 
driven to a Jaguar Dealer at the earliest 

Engine malfunction (Amber)

This indicator illuminates when 
there is an engine malfunction.

Specialised diagnostic 

equipment is required to repair such 
faults. Report the fault to a Jaguar Dealer.

The vehicle may go to ‘limp home’ mode, 
with the possibility of reduced engine 
performance. Drive the vehicle with 

Rear fog lamps (Amber)

Illuminates when the rear fog 
lamps are switched ON.

Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) 

The indicator will flash at the 
rate of twice a second when 
DSC is operating.

The message DSC NOT AVAILABLE will 
be displayed and the indicator will be ON 
continuously when a fault is detected in 
the system.

If the system is turned OFF, the message 
DSC OFF will be displayed for four 
seconds and the warning lindicator will 
remain ON.

When the system is turned back ON, the 
warning indicator goes out and a 
message DSC ON will be displayed for 
four seconds.

Adaptive Cruise Control (Amber)

If Adaptive Cruise Control is 
active, the warning indicator is 
illuminated to indicate that the 

vehicle is in follow mode and 
automatically maintaining the desired gap 
to the vehicle immediately ahead.

Only applicable to vehicles fitted with 
Adaptive Cruise Control.

Air bag (Amber)

If the air bag system develops a 
fault, the warning indicator will 
flash and then come ON and 

remain on until the fault has been 
diagnosed and cleared.

Report the fault to a Jaguar Dealer 

It is safe to drive the vehicle; however, in 
an accident the air bag may not operate.

Warning Indicators



Low outside temperature (Amber)

Illuminates when frost or ice is 
likely to form on road surfaces.

The indicator will continue to 

be illuminated until the outside 
temperature rises to a safer level.



Even if the warning indicator is not 
illuminated, there is no guarantee that 
at low temperatures the road is free 
from ice.

If required, the low outside temperature 
warning indicator can be disabled by a 
Jaguar Dealer.

Main beam (Blue)

Illuminates when the main 
beam headlamps are switched 
ON or flashed ON.

Cruise (speed) control activated 

Illuminates when cruise control 

Side lamps (Green)

Illuminates when the side 
lamps are switched ON.

Direction indicators (Green)

The appropriate 
indicator arrow will flash 
when the column switch 

is moved up or down to signal a 
right-hand or left-hand turn. If a direction 
indicator fails, the arrow will flash at twice 
normal rate when that indicator is 
selected. Fit a new bulb immediately.

Note: If a bulb has failed, the audible 
ticking will sound at twice the normal rate.

Hazard warning indicators

When the hazard warning is selected, 
both direction indicator arrows flash 


Audible Warnings


Audible Warnings


Various sounds are produced for warning 
and notification purposes as follows:

Hazard or Condition

Remedy/chime or tone

External lamps remain 
ON when the driver’s 
door is opened.

A chime will sound until the lamps are switched OFF or 
driver’s door is closed.

Note: The chime will not sound if the switch is in the AUTO 

Hazard warning 
indicators ON.

A ticking will sound until the hazard indicators are switched 

Left or right direction 
indicators ON.

If the switch has not turned itself OFF, switch the turn 
indicator OFF when the manoeuvre is completed. A ticking 
will sound until the indicators are switched OFF.

Memory 1 or 2 
configuration saved.

A short tone as the memory selection is saved.

Air bag system failure.

A tone sequence is repeated five times. Report the fault to 
a Jaguar Dealer as soon as possible.

Seat belt reminder.

When the ignition is turned ON, an intermittent chime will 
sound for six seconds or until the driver’s seat belt is 


If the vehicles’ forward speed exceeds 10 mph (16 km/h) 
and the seat belt for an occupied front seat is not fastened, 
an intermittent chime will sound. This will continue for 10 
seconds and then repeat every 30 seconds for five 
minutes, or until the belt is fastened or the vehicle stops.

Electric parkbrake.

If the parkbrake is applied whilst the vehicle is moving a 
continuous chime is initiated; push the switch to release 
the parkbrake. If there is a fault with the system which 
would prevent the application of the electric parkbrake, a 
brief sequence of chimes is initiated.

Adaptive Cruise Control 
(ACC) Driver intervene.

Action is required by the driver to apply the brakes.

ACC low speed 
automatic switch off.

A chime will sound to indicate that the ACC system is no 
longer operating.

Gear selector is not in 
Park with ignition OFF.

A chime will sound if the gear selector is not in Park when 
the ignition is switched to I or OFF (automatic transmission 

Key in ignition switch.

A chime will sound until either the key is removed, the 
driver’s door is closed or the ignition is switched ON.

Message Center



Message Center


Driver information, messages and data 
are displayed on the message center 
display panels, situated within the 
instrument pack, in the tachometer and 
speedometer gauges.

For the message centers to operate the 
ignition must be switched ON (position II).

The primary function of the message 
centers are to inform the driver of the 
• Warning messages.
• Temporary alert messages.
• Information messages.

The message centers display:
• The total distance covered by the 

vehicle. Permanently shown in the 
tachometer message center.

• Trip computer information.
• Warning messages if system faults 

are detected.

• Status messages to indicate changes 

in state of certain vehicle functions.

• The time, permanently shown in the 

speedometer message center.

Message center



If a red warning indicator is displayed, 
stop the vehicle as soon as possible 
but only when it is safe to do so.

Most messages, when displayed, have an 
associated warning lindicator, red or 
amber, located within the tachometer, 
which will come on to indicate the 
message priority.

If more than one message is active, each 
is displayed in turn for two seconds in 
order of priority.

Messages take priority over the trip 
computer data and, if active, will be 
displayed when the ignition is switched 

Message center illumination

The message center is lit at all times when 
the ignition is ON.








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