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Jaguar S-Type. Service manual - part 12




Garage Door Opener


Information and assistance

If you would like additional information on 
the HomeLink® Universal Transceiver, 
compatible products or to purchase other 
accessories such as the HomeLink® 
lighting package, contact your Jaguar 
Dealer, or HomeLink® at 1-800-355-3515 
or on the Internet at

Note: Keep the original transmitter for 
future use or programming procedures if, 
for example, you purchase a new vehicle.

Caution: It is recommended that when 
you sell or dispose of the vehicle, the 
programmed transceiver buttons 
should be erased for security 



The manufacturer is not responsible 
for any radio or TV interference caused 
by unauthorised modifications to this 
equipment. Such modifications could 
void the user’s authority to operate the 

Occupant Protection



Before Driving


The use of front and rear seat belts is 
mandatory in most countries. Using seat 
belts saves lives. They should be worn by 
all occupants whenever the vehicle is in 
use, for maximum protection. Lap and 
shoulder inertia reel seat belts are 
provided for both front occupants and 
three rear seat positions.

The inertia operating mechanism of the 
seat belts allows the wearers to move 
their upper bodies to reach various 
controls. The seat belts lock automatically 
with accelerated body movement, or in 
the event of emergency braking.

The seat belt assemblies incorporate 
additional safety devices. All have belt 
pre-tensioners and the front belts also 
have force limiters. These devices provide 
increased protection in the event of a 
severe frontal impact.

The pre-tensioners operate in conjunction 
with the air bags as part of the Advanced 
Restraints Technology System, refer to 
page 61.

All passenger seat belt mechanisms 
incorporating an automatic locking device 
allow child seats to be secured safely, 
refer to Child Safety on page 67.


The beltminder feature is a supplemental 
warning to the seat belt warning function, 
see page 94. This feature provides 
additional reminders to the driver that the 
driver’s and/or passenger’s seat belt is 
unbuckled by intermittently sounding a 
chime and illuminating the seat belt 
warning lamp in the instrument pack.

Although not advisable, it is possible to 
disable the Beltminder function. Please 
see a Jaguar Dealer to disable or reinstate 
the function.

Note: Not all countries have the warning 

Front belt height adjustment

To adjust the front seat belt heights, press 
the locking button and slide the 
anchorage so that the seat belt webbing 
passes over the shoulder without pulling 
against the neck. Release the button and 
check that the anchorage point is locked.

Always check the anchorage point after 
the seat has been adjusted to ensure that 
the belt is correctly positioned.


Occupant Protection


Seat belt fitting



Do not adjust the seat belt while 

Draw the tongue of the seat belt over the 
shoulder, across the chest and push it 
into the buckle unit slot (1). A positive click 
indicates that it is safely locked.

The use of comfort clips or devices that 
would create slackness in the seat belt 
system are not advised.

Make sure that the webbing is midway 
between the neck and the edge of the 
shoulder. Correct tension is controlled by 
automatic retraction of the reel.

When the ignition is turned to the ON 
position, a  warning lamp on the 
instrument pack will illuminate for 60 
seconds if the driver’s seat belt is not 
fastened. This will be acompanied by a 
warning chime for the first six seconds.

Note: If the vehicle is parked on uneven 
ground, the seat belt mechanism may 
lock. This is not a fault. Allow the seat belt 
to retract a small amount before gently 
easing the belt from its attachment to 
unlock it.

Belt buckle release

To release the belt buckle, press the 
release button (2) in the buckle unit and 
allow the seat belt to fully retract.

Inertia reel mechanism test
• With the seat belt fastened, give the 

webbing near the buckle a quick 
upward pull. The buckle must remain 
securely locked.

• With the seat belt unfastened, unreel 

the webbing to the limit of its travel. 
Check that the unreeling is free from 
snatches and snags and then allow 
the belt to FULLY retract.

• Partially unreel the webbing, then hold 

the tongue plate and give it a quick 
forward pull. The mechanism must 
lock automatically and prevent any 
further unreeling.

If a seat belt should fail any of these tests, 
contact your Jaguar Dealer immediately.

Occupant Protection





• Belts should not be worn with 

straps twisted.

• Always make sure that the webbing 

is midway between the neck and 
the edge of the shoulder.

• Each seat belt assembly must only 

be used by one occupant; it is 
dangerous to put a seat belt around 
a child being carried on the 
occupant’s lap.

• Seat belts are designed to bear 

upon the bony structure of the body 
and should be worn low across the 
front of the pelvis or the pelvis, 
chest and shoulders, as applicable; 
wearing the lap section of the belt 
across the abdominal area must be 

• Seat belts should be adjusted as 

firmly as possible, consistent with 
comfort, to provide the protection 
for which they have been designed. 
A slack belt will greatly reduce the 
protection afforded to the wearer.

• Care should be taken to avoid 

contamination of the webbing with 
polishes, oils and chemicals, and 
particularly battery acid. Cleaning 
may safely be carried out using mild 
soap and water. The belt should be 
replaced if webbing becomes 
frayed, contaminated or damaged.

• It is essential to replace the entire 

assembly after it has been worn in a 
severe impact, even if damage to 
the assembly is not obvious.

• No modifications or additions 

should be made by the user which 
will either prevent the seat belt 
adjusting devices from operating to 
remove slack, or prevent the seat 
belt assembly from being adjusted 
to remove slack.

• Should the seat belt not retract and 

remain at its static length, consult 
your nearest Jaguar Dealer 

• Replacement or renewal of seat 

belts should be carried out by 
Jaguar Dealers.








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