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Great Wall. Service manual for chassis and body (2006) - page 1





Mount the axle driven bevel gear on the differential housing:


Mount on the lock plate and screw up the bolts to the

specified torque.

Tightening moment



Notice: screw up the bolts diagonally.


Tighten the lock plate with hand hammer and flat head



Mount the inner race and roller assembly of bearing


Mount the bearing inner race and roller assembly in differen-

tial housing with the pressure machine and SST.


Mount the differential assembly;

Mount the differential in the speed reducer housing.

When mounting the differential that hasnít changed the inner

race and roller assembly of bearing 200719E, ensure the outer

race of the left and the right bearings that has disassembled

should match with their inner racers respectively.


Mount the adjusting ring;

Adjust the clearance between the driving bevel gear and the

axle driven bevel gear to the moderate size. And press the

bearing outer race to flatten it with adjusting ring, and then

screw up moderately.

Notice: the two adjusting rings should be adjusted

synchronically in the movement of same direction.

Suspension System and Automobile Axle (Rear) 

(Dismantle of Rear Speed Reducer)


With the increase of automobile demand in China, our automobile industry also experiences a rapid

development. The trucks including SUV, manufactured by Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd, which are sold all over

China, are in the leading place in terms of their sales volume, in order to satisfy the demands of various maintain-

ing staff, technicians and managing staff of Changcheng Co., Ltd, we compile this maintenance manual accord-

ing to the latest technological data. This manual covers six vehicle models including Deer, Safe, Sailor, Sing, So

Cool and Pegasus, its main content includes:

Part I is general introduction, which introduces the application index of this manual.

Part II introduces the chassis system, which mainly includes the technologies of dismantle, inspection,

adjustment, repairing, assembly and mount of the clutch, gear box, transfer box, drive shaft, suspension system

and automobile axle, braking system and steering system, etc. each operation approach is illustrated with figure,

which not only presents the maintenance procedure, but also clearly describes the technical requirements and

application limit.

Part III introduces the electric system and air-conditioning system of the automobile body, which mainly

covers such items as the location and content of protective box, power supply system, starting system, lighting

system, combination instrument, backup radar system, wiping and washing system, center control locking and

power  window system, acoustical equipment system, full wire harness and air-conditioning system, etc. Electric-

ity diagrams for those electric systems are given in this manual so as to facilitate the maintaining technicians to

find out the problem easily and quickly.

Part IV introduces the external and internal body decoration, which mainly covers the dismantling, inspect-

ing and assembling requirements of the engine cover, front and rear doors, adhesive strip of body collision

avoidance, wheel shield, wrapping angle of wheel-shield and exterior trim panel, front and rear windshields,

side-window glass, rear-door glass, rear platform of cargo compartment, rear door, instrument panel, safety belt,

seat, tail-fin, luggage rack, and reserve tire bracket etc. The dimensions of vehicle body and frame are also given

to maintaining staff for reference during their repairing.

During the narrations of each part, items such as troubleshooting, maintenance notice, maintenance data

and application limit, fastening torques of bolts and nuts for special purpose, SST, SSM and lubricant materials

and so on are also introduced. Various maintenance data are briefed in attachment for reference.

Altogether, this manual is comprehensive in content, visual in illustration, clarifying in requirement and

plain in language. It can be referred by the maintaining staff, technicians and professional managing staff.

Even though we try our best to compile this manual in a strict earnest manner, we cannot guarantee that all

contents in this manual are correct. Therefore, users shall not put forward any claim with Great Wall Company

according to this manual; we are not in the position to hold the responsibility for the loss caused by usage of this

manual. Due to our limited knowledge, it is unavoidable to find error in this manual, any criticism and correction

from you is welcomed.

The final explanation power for this manual is subject to Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd


May 2006

Service manual for

chassis and body





Gear box


Transfer box


Drive shaft


Suspension system and automobile axle


Braking system


Steering system


Body electric system


Air-conditioning system


Vehicle body


Maintenance and Up-keeping


Special Tool




How to use this manual ................................................. IN-2

Instruction for overall repairing ...................................... IN-4

Body lifting height and support position ........................ IN-5





Mount on the differential bearing cover:


Align the assembly marks on differential bearing cover

and the speed reducer housing, and press down the

differential bearing by hand.


Mount on the double-eared stop washer and the hex nut.

10. Adjust the clearance between the driving bevel gear and

the axle driven bevel gear


Screw up the hex nuts connecting the differential bearing

cover to the specified torque.

Tightening moment




Attach the measuring meter seat on the face of speed

reducer housing with the measuring head touching the

teeth face, run the axle driven bevel gear with hand to

measure the teeth engagement clearance, and then com-

pare it with the clearance value in step (d) to decide the

order of the adjusting ring tightening according to the



Adjust and screw up the adjusting rings with SST.

Tightening moment




Check the engagement clearance again until the clear-

ance value of the three spots evenly locates on the

circumference of axle driven bevel gear. Otherwise,

adjusting ring adjustment is suggested.

Engagement clearance


Suspension System and Automobile Axle (Rear) 

(Dismantle of Rear Speed Reducer)


tooth top engagement

select the adjusting washers that make the main teeth apart from the axle driven bevel gear.

teeth convex



teeth concave

11. Check the engagement situation of the axle driven bevel

gear and the driving bevel gear:


Coat four teeth locating on different spots of axle driven

bevel gear with red powder.


Rotate the axle driven bevel gear in different directions.


Check the teeth engagement situation.

The teeth trace of axle driven bevel gear should satisfy

this requirement. If not, select the suitable adjusting

washer to correct according to the poor teeth engagement


Washer thickness (unit: mm) see the following table:

Suspension System and Automobile Axle (Rear)

Rear Speed Reducer (Disassembly of Speed Reducer)

heel end engagement

toe end engagement

teeth root engagement

select the adjusting washer that make the main teeth

contact the axle driven bevel gear more closer.

Group NO.

Washer thickness

Group NO.

Washer thickness


























12. Lock the double-eared stop washer to mount the stop

gasket and bolts:


If the engagement trace satisfies the requirement, lock

tightly the double-eared stop washer with hand hammer

and pinch.


Mount on the stop gasket, spring gasket and bolts, and

then screw up the bolts.

Tightening moment




Tap in he adjusting ring with the pinch and hammer.

13. Measure the total preload:

Preload: (1.8-2.4) N


If the preload is beyond the specified range, change the gas-

kets between the jacket and bearing 7607E, until they meet

the requirement.


If the preload is larger than the specified value, change

the adjusting washer.


If the preload is smaller than the specified value, screw up

the nuts again slowly but not exceed 160N.m.

Notice: if the screwing torque exceeds the max torque,

change the adjusting washer and repeat the preload

process. Do not screw back the main-tooth nut to reduce

the preload.

14. Check and adjust the flange bouncing


Attach the dial indicating lamp seat on the speed reducer

housing with the measuring head contact the flange face,

run the flange to observe the swing out range of the dial

indicating lamp hand.

Radial full bouncing tolerance


Remark:  the two bouncing values should be controlled within

0.10 mm, as for the parts of bounce exceeding the tolerance,

loosen the nut-driving bevel gear to assembly them in another

angle, measure the bounce value again. Observe carefully the

swing direction of the hands, which can be referred when

changing the locations of flange and the driving bevel gear. If

the requirement cannot be satisfied after several trials, change

the new flanges until the requirement is met.

Suspension System and Automobile Axle (Rear)

Rear Speed Reducer (Disassembly of Speed Reducer)


15. Rivet the driving bevel gear nuts.s









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